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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Palin backs away from her bullseye targets, denies they were meant to incite violence

The assassination attempt against a US Representative after she was targeted by Sarah Palin's PAC will likely lead to no change at all on the political front. And that is unfortunate.

Now, Palin's reps claim the target on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was really a "surveyor's symbol."

This, in spite of tweeting "don't retreat, instead - RELOAD!"

Words have meaning. When you target someone and that someone is shot, there should be consequences.


  1. But Matt,

    The Democratic Leadership Council did the same thing Palin did:

    Mike D., you just don't understand... those are only bulls-eye targets, not cross-hairs! It's totally different!

  2. Very cool find, Mike!

    Now, is there anything there about violence too? and/or comments from people affiliated with the group calling to "reload" rather than retreat?

    Because Palin's PAC not only produced that graph but also she engaged in violent rhetoric.

    (by the way, those bulls eyes suggest archery to me, still dangerous, but not as lethal as guns)