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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yet another inmate freed after being wrongly convicted

Imagine being 20 years old and being arrested for something you did not do.

Then living in prison for your 20s, 30s, and 40s, until you are 51 and finally you are set free.

From the article:

"A Texas man declared innocent Tuesday after 30 years in prison had at least two chances to make parole and be set free — if only he would admit he was a sex offender. But Cornelius Dupree Jr. refused to do so, doggedly maintaining his innocence in a 1979 rape and robbery, in the process serving more time for a crime he didn't commit than any other Texas inmate exonerated by DNA evidence."

He was convicted based on testimony from the crime victim, who picked him out of a photo lineup. Faulty eyewitness and victim identification is one of the leading causes of wrongful conviction.

More than 265 people have been freed from prison just by the Innocence Project alone.

Thankfully, these cases are controversial enough to be covered by even the mainstream media.

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