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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Now featuring Crime at Universal Studios!

We just got back to Boone from a long trip to Florida, where we spent two days at Universal Studios.

First let me say that although I lived in Florida for decades, I never made it to this theme park. I never really wanted to. The lines are long, the people are numerous (and also large, and slow, and inconsiderate, and typically loud), and everything is very expensive.

It's like tourist hell, basically.

Now that I have kids we decided to go. And we did have fun, in spite of all the above.

One of our favorite rides (aside from the obvious Harry Potter rides at Universal Islands of Adventure that were far too popular and far too crowded--AWESOME by the way) was the Simpsons ride in the traditional Universal Studios park.

While you wait in line with hundreds of other people, at least they have multiple TV sets above the lines with episodes of The Simpsons, many of which I never saw before. Both the kids and the adults were entertained.

What I noticed, being a scholar of media and crime, was how widespread crime is on the show.

And not just the Itchy and Scratchy show--where my kids saw the mouse cut off the arm of the cat, shoot the cat's tongue up into space to pull the moon back to Earth so it could crash into the cat who was hiding in the bathroom of his house, and other crazy stuff--it's actual crime committed by adults as well as kids on the shows.

Plotting murder
More assaults.

And it's funny. And entertaining. And it keeps us watching.

And that's the point.

Turns out there is existing research into crime on the Simpsons. Do a Google search.

And check out these examples:

Since crime is everywhere, does that crime God?

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